Gyp.jpegMarta Gnyp is a Dutch art historian based in Berlin active as international art advisor, gallery owner, art journalist and art collector specialized in post-war and contemporary art. She has recently published the book The Shift. Art and the Rise to Power of Contemporary Collectors (2015) based on her PHD research on facts and myths of contemporary collecting. Her gallery in Berlin features the work of various international artists in different phases of their careers. Gnyp assists private collectors worldwide in building high quality contemporary art collections. As insider and researcher of the art world she regularly contributes to theoretical and journalistic investigations in this field.

Her website:


Two women, two voices, two opposite parts of the same territory. The territory of art. The balance between the art system and the silence of the studio is the balance of the two faces of the same coin. The absolute of creation and the economic system in mirror. This performance will be an exchange between Marta Gnyp, and Myriam Mechita, to understand how art is a fragile utopia of the absolute.

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