Mechita.jpgMyriam Mechita was born in 1974 in Strasburg, France. She has always known she wanted to just make art and see beauty everywhere. She studied at the Arts Décoratifs in Strasburg, spent time learning ethnology and now teaches art in an art school in Caen in Normandy. She lives in Berlin since she wanted to escape the sun, and grey has become her new blue. She has worked with Gnyp Gallery in Berlin, Gag Project in Adelaide, and Eva Hober in Paris. She will be exhibiting  for the first time at MAMA in Los Angeles in January 2017.


Two women, two voices, two opposite parts of the same territory. The territory of art. The balance between the art system and the silence of the studio is the balance of the two faces of the same coin. The absolute of creation and the economic system in mirror. This performance will be an exchange between Marta Gnyp, and Myriam Mechita, to understand how art is a fragile utopia of the absolute.

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