Alexander_Will600.jpgWill Alexander is a poet, novelist, essayist, aphorist, philosopher, playwright, visual artist, and pianist. He has published 30 titles in the above mentioned genres. He is both a Whiting Fellow, and a California Arts Council Fellow, as well as being recipient of a PEN Oakland Award, and an American Book Award. In addition to the above he is the 2016 Jackson Prize for poetry.

Alexander’s books include Asia and Haiti, The Sri Lankan Loxodrome, Compression and Purity, Sunrise In Armageddon, Diary As Sin, Inside the Earthquake PalaceTowards The Primeval Lightning Field, and Mirach Speaks To His Grammatical Transparents. He lives in The City of Angels.

Readings will be from:

“At The Vertigo Borders” (Spectral Hieroglyphics Rêve à Deux, 2014)

“The Blood Penguin”(Compression & Purity. City Lights Books, 2010)

“The Sri Lankan Loxodrome” (The Sri Lankan Loxodrome, New Directions, 2009)

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