Nicolas Bancel is Professor at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Visiting Professor at UCLA, and codirector of the ACHAC Research Group. He is author or coeditor of numerous books, including Human Zoos (2008), La France arabo-orientale (2013), Colonial Culture in France since the Revolution (2014), The Invention of Race (2014), Vers la guerre des identités … Continue reading NICOLAS BANCEL


Bruce Bégout is the author of the essays Zéropolis, Lieu commun, La Découverte du quotidien, De la Décence ordinaire and Suburbia as well as novels and short stories collections such as L'Éblouissement des bords de route, le ParK and L'Accumulation primitive de la noirceur. He has served on the editorial board of the journal Inculte and is currently maître … Continue reading BRUCE BEGOUT


Pierre Bismuth (b. 1963 in Neuilly-sur-Seine) is a contemporary artist. Through efficient and often humoristic gestures, Bismuth interrupts pre-­established codes of reading the images and objects that pervade daily life, from Hollywood films, headline stories in newspapers to magazine clippings  from gentlemen's magazines. In 2005 he won the best original screenplay award at the 77th Academy … Continue reading PIERRE BISMUTH


Kristy Edmunds -Executive and Artistic Director, Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA An artist, curator and artistic director, Kristy Edmunds is recognized for innovation and depth in the presentation of works by contemporary artists, with a particular emphasis on contemporary performing arts. In her current role at UCLA’s venerated performing arts program, CAP … Continue reading KRISTY EDMUNDS


Didier Fiuza Faustino is an architect and artist working on the relationship between body and space. He started his own practice at the crossroad of art and architecture just after graduating in architecture in 1995. He has been developing since then a multi-faceted approach, ranging from installation to experimentation, from visual art to the creation … Continue reading DIDIER FIUZA FAUSTINO